bloodymarvellous theatrical, fake blood products are loved by professional make up artists, special effects (SFX) and prosthetic teams, costume designers and art and props departments working across Hollywood blockbusters, UK network TV drama, US sitcoms and prestigious Opera and Theatre companies worldwide.

Handmade and created by working special effects make up designer Claire Williams, the range is famed for being amazingly realistic, created for close range HD shots and complete medical accuracy – so much so, we even supply hospitals for casualty simulation training! The formulas are all safe to use in the mouth, are free of alcohol or any nasties and are uniquely known for being washable and truly non staining – so no actors, or expensive costumes or sets will be harmed by their use.

Our easy to follow demo videos also provide a great guide for students and fancy dress lovers so everyone can have a go at creating horror make up – perfect for Halloween!.       

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